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I heard my daughter and her friend screaming.  These were not happy, girly screams.  These were distress calls.  (Yes, a mama knows…)  I literally ran down the hall, down the stairs and through the back door, not knowing what I would find.

Her friend made it to me first.  Yellow jackets clung to her clothing and swarmed around her.  I could hear my daughter approaching because of her agonized cries.  Between screams, her friend told me that my daughter had unknowingly stepped onto a yellow jacket nest in the woods behind our house, and they had been swarmed.  I batted off as many yellow jackets from her friend as I could and told her to run into the house.

My daughter was still screaming, “Mommy, help me!”

As soon as I batted some off, another one would sting her.  I rolled up her shirt, trapping as many as I could, and took it off.  My daughter and I ran into the house.  Between the two girls, there were still too many for me to swat.  All three of us ran into the garage.

My husband arrived, and we were able to dispatch the rest of the insects, get out the ice and Benadryl, and do our best to calm the girls down.  The other mama arrived to take her daughter home.

As we were comforting our daughter, I stroked her thick, curly hair.  I felt something.  A yellow jacket in her hair?  We got it out, searched her locks for more, and found yet another one, curled up and ready to sting.

At the end of this horrific ordeal, our daughter sustained more than a dozen stings, one of which was right by her eye, another on her lip.

I have never in my life been swarmed like the girls were, but I have certainly felt “attacked.”

Sometimes, the attacks come from the enemy.  Sometimes, life can swarm you.  Sometimes, as soon as you resolve one issue, another one stings you in the backside.

But know this: God hears your distress call.  He knows the cries of His children, and He will rush in with legions of angels, if necessary, to fight for you.  He will never, never leave you.

Even if you all can do is whisper His name…

He will come.

“Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?”  (Matt. 26:53, NIV)


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