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If you happen to be taking a stroll through my neighborhood on any given summer morning, you will probably see me working in the garden.  (This Montana-grown, transplanted-to-the-south gal has to have her hands in the dirt!)  While I’m working, God often takes the opportunity to teach me.  This summer, I thought it might be fun to pass on some of what I’m learning, à la mini-Bible study, from the garden.  Grab a shovel or a cup of coffee and join me in my garden!



Something isn’t right.  My zucchini plants should be churning out the fruit by now.  (Anyone who has ever grown these prolific veggies knows that one plant will supply more zucchini than one family can use.)  Out of three plants, I have one fruit.  One lonely zucchini.

The leaves haven’t looked right to me.  They are spotted and powdery.  I thought maybe I watered too much, or perhaps not enough.  I figured, like most things in the garden, the problem would eventually work itself out.

I was wrong.

Since I am somewhat of a novice gardener, I didn’t know about a disease called “powdery mildew.”  For cucurbits (squash, melons, cucumbers, etc.), it is serious.  It is a nasty fungus which can spread and decimate crops.  It is so bad, that one should not even compost the affected leaves.

According to the information I have gleaned on the internet, the prognosis is not good.  There are several methods I can try to save my plants from the disease, but my dreams of copious amounts of squash are dimming.

Boo.  😦

(Please allow me a moment of grief.)

No zucchini bread?  Zucchini muffins?  Chocolate-chocolate chip zucchini cake?  Zucchini cookies?  (Hey, don’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried ‘em.)  No zukes for our ratatouille and pasta? 

I am crestfallen.

Isn’t this just life, though?  With high hopes, you tend your dreams, invest your time or money in them and expend all your energy.  Maybe things are going well for a while, then without warning, BAM! 

Something happens. 

Your dreams are dashed. 

Your hope is lost.

What do you do then?

If we are talking about dreams and not zucchini (ok, maybe zucchini, too), for me, the plan is as follows:

1.)   Trust that God is good, and that even the smallest happening in my life is not without purpose. 

2.)   Search for what God might possibly be trying to teach me in the midst of my disappointment.

3.)   Focus on what is working.

Of course, saying these things and living them are two different things.  I’ll give you that.  But I’d rather strive to find some good in my disappointing moments than to become bitter from them.

Digging deeper:  Have you had any disappointments lately?  Read Isaiah 55.  Yup, the whole thing.  Read it slowly.  Savor each word as you would savor a chocolate truffle cheesecake.  What richness!  Let these words from the Lord wash over your disappointments and wrap you in comfort.

Let’s pray:  Dear God, how easy it is to trust your ways when things are going well – and how difficult it is when they’re not.  Show me what You have for me in my disappointment.  Teach me.  Comfort me while I learn the hard lessons.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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