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You know the amazing idea that hit you while you were stuck in traffic?  Do you remember the one that splashed you in the face during your shower?  How about the one that woke you in the middle of the night and kept you from sleep? 

Pay attention to those.  They are pearls from heaven.

Whenever I have created something good – whether it is a piece of music, a blog, a recipe, a children’s book, whatever – I am keenly aware that the idea did not come from ME.  I am merely a conduit for God. 

In the case of music, a melody will wind its way into my thoughts, and I simply take dictation.  It’s as if I’m back in Music Theory class with Dr. Rosenkranz as he plunks out a bit of song on the piano for the class to write out on staff paper.  When a melody pops into my head, I know it is God, the Composer, dropping a pearl from heaven.

Sometimes, I sit at the piano, hands folded, and I’ll ask, “What key?”  A key and meter flash in my mind.  I place my hands on the ivory, and music that had not existed on earth until that moment is born.  I am certain the music already existed in heaven, but it won’t be heard on earth until I catch the pearl.

But here’s the kicker.  So many times, I catch a pearl… and then let it drop to the ground, unrealized.  I determine that no one wants to hear the melody, or read the books “I” write.  I decide that the idea came from me, and therefore, isn’t very good.  I listen to negative self-talk about success being meant for others, not for me.  I give audience to the enemy’s whispers of doom, gloom and doubt.  In so doing, I become the wicked servant in the parable who buried his master’s treasure rather than expanding it for his glory.  (Matthew 25)

Dropping pearls is dangerous.  If you drop them too many times, or fail to catch them at all, you may not be trusted with them anymore.

So… have you had any great ideas lately?

Treat them with care.

They are pearls from heaven.

 catching pearls from heaven

P.S.  Did you notice the new blog title?  It hints that there are changes (i.e. additions, not subtractions) ahead for this blog.  I caught a pearl!  🙂




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This particular time – the days between Christmas and New Year’s – is one of my favorite times of the year.  Everything urgent is accomplished.  Nothing new has yet begun.  There is no school and little work.  We give each other permission to breathe.  This expanse of wide-open time is rife with… possibility.

With my calendar clear, my mind can breathe as well as my body.  I find that with so much “disk space” available in my brain, I have the opportunity to entertain new ideas.  I can imagine new ways of doing things.  I can create.  I can play.

I also find that I am peculiarly sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit, which rarely shouts, but prefers whispers and nudges.  It beckons me to the page, the piano bench, the kitchen or the canvas.

“Try this,” it says.  “Have you thought about that?” it questions.  “Step outside the box,” it encourages.  Sometimes, with a kick in the pants, it admonishes, “Get out of the boat!”

For some reason, my normal defensive maneuvers now fail.  My protests of, “But I’ve always done it this way!” evaporate in the face of reminders from the Spirit that with God, nothing is impossible.

So if nothing is impossible…

                then some of these ideas aren’t so crazy…

                                and maybe…      just maybe…

                                                there is room in this life for a dream or two.

When was the last time you dreamed of something really BIG?  When did you let yourself think, even for the briefest of moments, that it might be possible?  More importantly, when was the last time you let God dream through you?

I have often wondered where I might be today if I had quit trying to cram our giant God in a box, if I hadn’t given up too early, or if I had believed His promises.  What might God have been able to do?

There is enough time to find out.  For today (and tomorrow), believe that what He says is true.  Believe that the nudges, the promptings and the whispers are indeed for you.

Believe that with God, nothing is impossible.



Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”  (Mark 10:27, NIV)

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