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Turning a piece of clothing inside out can reveal a lot about it.  The label tells what fibers make up the fabric and how to care for the garment.  You can see if the stitching is sound, or unraveling.  This information helps you determine whether to buy it.

What if people were inside out?  (I’m not talking about outing their actual insides.  I’m referring to their heart, their spirit, their essence.)  You would be able to see the person’s character with only a cursory glance.  You would know whether you could trust them.  You could determine what sort of relationship you would want with them, if any.  And you could see their beauty.

The first time I remember seeing a person inside out was at summer camp.  If we campers were particularly pleased with a meal, we would sing this song:

“Cookie, Cookie, listen while we sing to you!  Da da da da da.   Cookie, Cookie, you’re a part of Campfire, too…”

Our cook would come into the dining room to receive thunderous applause and whistles.  I remember thinking that she was so beautiful – even though she was not necessarily attractive.  There was something about her broad smile, her skin aglow from working in the kitchen, and the kindness in her eyes. 

Some people don’t need to be turned inside out for you to see what they look like inside.

To God, we are inside out.  While we work so hard to keep up appearances for each other, He’s not looking there.  He looks at the heart.  He sees beauty in us that the world doesn’t have eyes to see.

If you cursed your love handles in the mirror this morning, or your spider veins, or your stretch marks, or your gray hair, or your missing hair, consider this: you are a thing of beauty to Him.  He is quite taken with you – smitten, in fact – regardless of your outward appearance.

What if we could see each other the way God sees us?

What if we were to look – I mean, really search – for the beauty in each person we see today?

What if you dared to believe He finds you beautiful?


My grandfather, inside out.


“…God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7 New American Standard Bible)


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