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If you happen to be taking a stroll through my neighborhood on any given summer morning, you will probably see me working in the garden.  (This Montana-grown, transplanted-to-the-south gal has to have her hands in the dirt!)  While I’m working, God often takes the opportunity to teach me.  This summer, I thought it might be fun to pass on some of what I’m learning, à la mini-Bible study, from the garden.  Grab a shovel or a cup of coffee and join me in my garden!


Please excuse my absence last week.  My family and I were having a fun-filled vacation in the beautiful state of Maine.  You were not far from my mind, though, especially on Wednesday when I usually post.  I thought of my garden, too, and worried about whether it rained, if bugs were eating the plants, or if critters were taking veggie booty into the forest. 

But when we got home, there was a wonderful surprise…




Here is what came out of the garden in just one week:

veggie abundance 

The weather was hot and rainy while we were gone.  The plants were well tended (not by me, but by God), and they responded by producing much fruit.  The sunflowers had opened their cheerful faces.  Even the poor, dying zucchini plants managed to crank out two big ol’ gnarly squash.

I knew this would happen, and I have been waiting for the day that it would so I could share this idea with you:  God does not provide one wimpy cucumber, or a few mealy tomatoes.  No!  He provides abundantly more than we could possibly use ourselves.  (There is a joke in the south that folks are advised to lock their car doors at church, or they may return to find a bag of zucchini and tomatoes on the seat.) 

The garden proves to me repeatedly that God desires to inundate us with blessings!  He is not a God stingy in His love for us.  He gives us everything, and still gives and gives and gives.  He desires only the finest for His children, and He won’t settle for anything but the best.  And lots of it!

You may not feel abundantly blessed.  You may not see abundance in your life.  You may feel like you got left with one moldy potato.  I understand.  I really do. 

But please…

Look harder.

Abundant blessings are there – with your name on them!

Digging Deeper: Do you see an abundance of blessings in your life, or do you see only the moldy potato?  Do you believe that God only blesses other people?  Check out these verses: Luke 11:5-11, Malachi 3:10 (Yes, I know this one talks about tithing.  You can still get a good word in there.), and if you have some time on your hands, Jeremiah 31:1-14.  These are only three small examples of God’s promise of abundance.

Let’s pray:  Holy and loving God, I want to believe that your promises of an abundant life are meant for me.  Open my eyes to the many blessings you have already poured out upon me, and help me to share them with others so that they will know your generosity, too.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

We now interrupt with this update: The doomed zucchini plants from last week survived the powdery mildew plight, only to succumb to an infestation of squash bugs.  Please observe a moment of silence today for the zucchini bread that might have been.  Thank you.



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